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What The New Generation of Teachers Wants for Retirement

It’s long been said that each generation has their own set of economic hurdles to climb—from the Great Depression to the slump of the early 2000’s, financial times have not always been kind to young adults. Finding your place in the world is one thing, gaining sound footing in a career is another, and planning […]

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The Role of Financial Professionals in Your Charity

When your day-to-day consists mostly of striving for the betterment of others, looking out for your organization’s best interests can get lost in the shuffle. The unique thing about your work as a non-profit organization is that keeping your company in the black is often the furthest thing from your mind—you have philanthropic aims, and […]

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Early Retirement as a Police Officer

Your career has been defined by stepping up when everyone else is running away. Your priority is preserving the safety and security of your community. For you, the proverbial “line of fire” is a very real thing, and you’ve embraced it on a daily basis. If you’re a police officer and it sounds like we’re […]

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Female CEOs on the Decline

To say that making Fortune magazine’s “Fortune 500” list is an honor would be an understatement. The company’s annual roundup of industry giants spans the 1,000, 500, and 100 benchmarks, each proving more exclusive than the last and showing the world that those businesses are profitable and prominent. While it’s a fantastic way to prove […]

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Insurance Options for Non-Profits

When we think of nonprofit organizations, many admirable qualities come to mind. We envision charities, foundations, and social advocates—those who have turned their humanitarian passion into well-executed efforts for change. While all of that is right on, it’s really the tip of the iceberg, as the collective impact of nonprofits is undeniable. Stats suggest that […]

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What Disaster Could Mean for your Small Business

To say that the rising cost of natural disasters in America is devastating would be an understatement—in 2018 alone, we’ve seen areas of the Southeast decimated by hurricanes, large portions of California burnt away by wildfires, and death tolls from weather events continuing to rise. While the loss of human life is of the utmost […]

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What Asset Protection Means for your Practice

You already know how much effort it’s taken to build your medical practice from the ground up. You have spent years pursuing your education, worked in the field to gain your hands-on experience, and sacrificed sleep and healthy stress levels to be able to do what you do. Now, you strive to improve the health […]

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Preparing Your Business for the Next Market Downturn

Recently, we officially set the record for the longest bull market in history. While this is a great feat currently, it means that eventually the market is bound to take a dramatic downturn. That said, it is nearly impossible to tell if that market drop will be tomorrow or the next few years. While the […]

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The Relationship Between Doctors and Financial Professionals

When you’re in the business of saving lives, it can feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. You have studied and honed your craft to the point of perfection (well, as close as one can get, anyway). You know your stuff inside and out, and there is no procedure or diagnosis that you shy away […]

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5 Signs That Tell An Investor Your Business Is Worth It

So you’ve outlined your business, now comes the next, often most intimidating step; finding an investor. Finding an investor can be a fickle process, and for a good reason, since an investor is essentially betting on your success. While these potential investors might seem like inconsolable skeptics at times, there is always a means to convince […]

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