Our Company Culture

We strive to provide an atmosphere designed to challenge our people, foster their professional development and encourage their overall growth.



In the world of finance there is always something new to learn. At Dayton and Sydney, we work together to ensure that we utlize everyone's unique abilities. 

  • Team work doesnt just happen. Thats why we provide our employees with an open eniviroment that encourages collaboration throughout all platforms. With the help of our senior advisors, new members learn from some of the best in the industry. 


In such a dynamic world, we work to ensure that each of our professionals brings a unique perspective to the table. We focus on a wide range of diversity areas including:

  • Cultural Background
  • Ages
  • Gender
  • Identity
    We believe it is our duty to show the next generation how to think in an innovative, independent and intelligent manor.
  • With our “Future of Finance” program we give students from Northport High School an internship opportunity where they can learn from real financial professionals about the evolution of the industry, the duties of the job and the skills they need to enhance in order to be an effective member of the work force.